Celebrating 50 Years of "All Things Must Pass" in 2020


Mike Collinge - Bass/Vocals



Some folks seem to be born to reach their destiny. Mike Collinge was born to play bass guitar. The veteran UK muso first made his mark on the Northern England scene as an original member of the Manchester based prog rock band, Mudanzas. He has been around the world as a touring member of The Drifters, Mad Jack's Travelling Circus, Turner, The Dooleys, Rocket 88 and many many more. Mike's skills have no genre restrictions. He can always be found laying down the groove, whether its blues, country, funk  & soul or classic rock n roll. 

Tommy Cosentino - Keyboards/Vocals


Tommy's musical quest began in the 70’s in Omaha Nebraska. After hundreds of Midwest gigs, he moved out west to Los Angeles. There has been no looking back since then. Cosentino has shared his talent around the globe as Musical Director and featured performer for a variety of productions including The Original Idols, Have A Nice Day, Taylor Dayne and The Reunion Beatles.. Adept  at acoustic and electric piano, clavinet, many varieties of synthesizers and the iconic Hammond B3 organ. That multi-instrumental prowess is coupled with strong vocal abilities. His nickname is "the glue"  for obvious reasons.


Carl Mallison - Drums/Vocals



Carl first came into contact with drums at the age of seven. The Rippendon native has been behind the kit with many popular bands and artists from the region including Guido, Jake & The Blue Snakes, Crying Shame, The Bobby Charltons and Sunflowers. He is known as an "all-in timekeeper" with a reputaion in musician circles for being one of the steadiest players to ever put a pair of sticks in his hands. Carl says his all time favorite drummer is "Animal" from The Muppets.  Note: they have never been seen in  the same place, at the same time.